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What is Autogenic Training?

Some Background Information

Autogenic Training (AT) was developed by Dr Johannes H. Schultz in the 1930s in Berlin. In essence, it consists of a series of mental exercises which act as an antidote to the stressors of life (in technical terms, by facilitating a switch from Sympathetic Nervous System dominance to Para-sympathetic dominance), and thus bringing about mental calmness and equanimity

AT has been shown to be an effective approach in preventative medicine and acts as an antidote to stress related disorders. It complements conventional medicine and has been used successfully in the treatment of various medical conditions, often leading to a reduction in the need for therapeutic intervention and medication.

Autogenic Training is taught individually or in groups (maximum 8), and, following the initial one to one assessment, consists of ten sessions each lasting between one and a half and two hours. The first nine sessions are at weekly intervals, the tenth several weeks later.

Other aspects of the course include:
• Looking at, and dealing effectively with, negative and destructive emotions.
• Stress management approaches.
• Developing a more positive outlook on life; in this respect, Schultz’ vision predated the more recent Positive Psychology movement;
• And developing our abilities to become more attuned to ourselves and others.

Once learnt, Autogenic Training becomes a new skill for life.

The term Autogenic can be taken to mean “generated from within”. Thus, once learned, the individual practitioner has a new life skill and has no further need for her or his Autogenic Therapist: as therapists, our aim is to make ourselves redundant!

Regarding the one to one Autogenic Training courses run by Ian Ross

British Autogenic Society

British Autogenic Society

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