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Feedback from some previous course members

Feedback on specific question

“What is the most important thing that your have learnt on this course?”

  • How to keep calm in stressful situations
  • How to treat people in a non aggressive way
  • How to focus on now and not the future too much
  • Confirms my belief in appreciating simple things
  • To be more aware of my emotions and to begin to be more mindful.
  • I am able to recognise anger / stress before it builds too much.
  • I notice when I am “not in the moment” much more than I did before.


General comments re course

My outlook is more positive and hence I find myself able to tackle things better – I “allow” myself to complete them!

The course exceeded my expectations.

I’m much more aware of my need to care for myself and my need to communicate clearly with others regarding this.

Highly recommended – did more to help me than months of CBT Counselling…

I am slower to anger, my stress levels have reduced considerably and my alcohol intake has reduced by at least 70%.

I think the course should be more widely available…….. it would benefit so many.

For me, having a GP facilitate a holistic approach to well being was extremely encouraging and refreshing – would be great if this was part of a traditional medical training.

An extremely stimulating experience in addition to being very useful in practical terms. I am also much more sympathetic and open to the viewpoint of others.

I think it was great and am recommending it to my friends who I think may benefit.

Autogenic Training works, and its benefits are remarkable in terms of outlook on the world and sense of “wellness”.

When I wrote down my aims at the beginning I was sceptical and even half way through I felt it was maybe to subtle to work for me.

But by the end it was very interesting to get my card back because I have achieved them all:

My partner definitely notices a difference in me

I was slightly sceptical but I was pleased to find that the system worked for me.

The course really met my expectations. It came at just the right time for me [after grief counselling) and the combination of theory, practice, peer support, careful facilitation worked really well; I often felt vulnerable but also felt supported in my vulnerability.

I enjoyed the group element and the group leader was excellent and sympathetic to each individual.

Overall I would say that this has been one of the most useful and effective courses I have taken part in and I feel it has made an important positive change in my life.

I am generally less stressed / less reactive

I am much more aware of my emotions and have begun to be more mindful.

All these things combined have given me a more positive outlook on life

I have become more able to allow myself to relax and not feel “guilty” about doing so.

As I have slowly become more mindful I realise that I do have time available

I wish it was more widely practised as I think society at large could do with being more mindful.

With thanks to all of the above for allowing me to use their comments anonymously – Ian Ross


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