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Reflections on Autogenics 3.0

based on Prof. Luis de Rivera’s work
F1An introduction to Autogenics 3.0 – based on the work of Luis de Rivera
F2Autogenic 3.0: an approach to the 10 Standard Exercise format for those familiar with, and practising, the Six Standard Exercise format
F4Some Consequences of Blocking Feelings – of not allowing ourselves to feel the feeling
F5AFeeling the Feeling Meditation I
F5BFeeling the Feeling Meditation II
F6.1Constructive Feeling Meditation I: Calm (After de Rivera)
F6.2Constructive Feeling Meditation II: Existence (After de Rivera)
F6.3Constructive Feeling Meditation III Zest (After the Rivera)
F6.4Constructive Feeling Meditation: IV: Love, Human Heartedness, and Self-esteem (extrapolated from de Rivera)
F7Meditation on Five Sounds that can Heal the World (after Hanh)
F8Meditation embracing Joy, Happiness, Inner Distress and Healing
F9Constructive Feeling Meditation on Inter-Being: Part I (planned for Summer 2022)
F10Constructive Feeling Meditation on Compassion – based on an approach by Akong Rinpoche (planned for Summer 2022)
F11Constructive Feeling Meditation on Inter-Being: Part II (planned for Autumn 2022)
F12Constructive Feeling Meditation on The Diamond that Cuts Through our Illusions – based on the Diamond Sutra (planned for Autumn 2022)
F13Constructive Feeling Meditation on Compassion and Joy: Reflections on the Four Immeasurables – Based on Hanh 1998 (planned for 2023)
Mindfulness & Mindsight
Mindfulness & Mindsight
Mindfulness & Mindsight

British Autogenic Society

British Autogenic Society
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