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Neuro-Science & Related Matters

B1Bears, Imagination and Well-Being
B2Reframing, Reappraisal and Well-Being
B3Part I: The Origins of Affect and Affective Neuroscience – and the misplacing of Affect in the Neo-cortex (updated 2012)
B3Part II: Emotional Operating Neuro Circuits – a brief introduction to Panksepp’s model (updated 2012)
B4Emotional Triggers and the Refractory Period [Zz-54-V7]
B5Emotions, Frontal Lobe Dynamics and Autogenic Training (revised & updated 2014)
B6Perceptions, flowers, and reality (revised and updated 2020)
B7The Effects of Positive Imagination on Anxiety and Affect
B8Empathy, Mirror Neurones, and Prefrontal cortex
B9Mental Training, the Pre-frontal cortex, Resilience and Equanimity
B10Snakes, Conditional Stimuli, and Equanimity – Approaches to treating mind-body disturbances
B11Transforming Distressing Mind-Body-States – from Negative Ruminations towards Well-Being
B12Affect Labelling, Autogenic Training, and reducing Emotional Distress
B13Expressive Writing and Well-Being – the efficacy of intentionally Off Loading through writing (2013)
B15Towards a Growth Mindset (2014)
B16Antidotes to Threats our Minds Create – the Soothing and Contentment System (2013)
B17The Window of Affective Tolerance- Reflections on Childhood Stressors and some Clinical, Psychological and Personal Implications (based on Ogden) (2014)
B18The Space to Choose - reflections on the gap between stimulus and the response (2014)
B19Reflections on a Secure Base - Attachment and Autogenic Dynamicss
B20 Separation Distress and Well-Being: Neurophysiological reflections on developing a Secure Base
B22A playfully sympathetic approach to the Polyvagal Theory: An introduction to Flourishing Autogenically (2020)
B23Flourishing Autogenically – Pathways to Well-Being and Feeling Safe Whatever our Background. (A more detailed version of the B22 article)
B24Autogenic Switches and Well-Being (2020)
B25 Some Key Themes of Neuroscience relevant to Well-Being – based on the work of Richard Davidson et al (May 2022)
B26Well-Being and Flourishing as a Skill we can Develop – based on Richard Davidson et al (May 2022)
B27B 27 Three Key Types of Meditation and their varying and specific effects on Well-Being (October 2022)
B28B28 An Experiential Introduction to ABC States of the Polyvagal Theory – An outline of a brief practical guide developed with students of AT (Second Edition October 2023)

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