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September 2023

Preamble to the main section which is found below

I am now semi-retired, and continue to see those I have made long term arrangements with, and occasionally take on new students of AT.  This is especially the case where there is on-going interest in personal (and / or professional) development – CPD. My approach for many years has included Mindfulness perspectives,  and this  this has been greatly enriched since 2017 when I embraced the format of Prof. Luis de Rivera’s: “Autogenics 3.0 – The New Way to Mindfulness and Meditation”.

I also now run occasional group courses as a Mindfulness Now Teacher.

Finally, I continue to write articles for the Autogenic Dynamics Section of the website relating to Autogenic Training, Mindfulness, and Meditation, which include an experiential and neuroscience perspective.

Autogenic Therapist and Member of the British Autogenic Society

Ian Ross graduated in medicine (MBChB.) in 1970, and worked as a junior doctor in Glasgow, Dunfermline, Edinburgh and Haddington. He then undertook General Practice training with Dr W. Gordon Batters and partners in a Leith practice, before joining a group practice in Preston, Lancashire for a few years.

He returned to his old training practice in Edinburgh in 1977, and soon became involved with the teaching of medical students and G.P. registrars – and this stimulated his interest in the whole process of learning and the concept of health and well-being. In particular, this teaching role focused his attention on the role of stress on physical and emotional well-being, and in developing (non-drug) ways to reduce the ill effects of stress.

He subsequently attended a two year course at the Scottish Institute of Human Relations and Counselling, before undergoing training in Autogenic Therapy (1994-1997). Since then he has taught over seventy groups at the Rose Garden Medical Centre, Leith (more recently known as Mill Lane Surgery). As a result of administrative changes at the practice during 2017, these became no longer possible. 


During the 2000s, he was for several years a member of the Education & Training Team (ETT) of the British Autogenic Society, thus becoming involved in the teaching of students for the Diploma in Autogenic Therapy; this was a very fulfilling experience.


Around this time his (now) late wife Maggie became increasingly ill with Alzheimer’s disease, and as a result he resigned from the ETT so as to be with her more of the time at their home in Gullane, East Lothian. Her condition subsequently deteriorated, and she had some spells in care / hospital.  However, thanks to wonderful support from a local nursing and home-care team, she was back at home for the last thirty two months of her life, where she died peacefully.

About eight years ago, Ian Ross met Bernie Rowen when they were both attending a Jungian workshop, and they are now happily married.


Over the last few years Ian Ross has developed a particular interest in the interface between Autogenic Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Visualisation techniques, Meditative / Mindfulness type practices and neuro-science.


2017 – 2023,

Since 2017, two further courses in the Spring and Autumn of 2018 were run in Leith, close to the Rose Garden Medical Centre.

Spring 2019:  Two Group Course were run in early and late spring in North Berwick, East Lothian, at the Barefoot Sanctuary.

During the last few years,  Ian Ross has continued to teach Autogenic Training on a one to one basis, via Zoom and face to face.  He is now semi-retired, and does from time to time take on new Autogenic Training (AT) students, especially if they have a particular interest in Personal and / or Professional Development. Please enquire if interested.

In addition, from time to time he runs small group courses of Mindfulness Now practice. Enquiries welcome. Please see:

A sample of courses attended and talks given by Ian Ross in recent years (2004-2022) can be seen by selecting the link BELOW.

British Autogenic Society

British Autogenic Society

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